Shereen’s Journey towards becoming a Counsellor

Shereen’s journey in health and wellness coaching, coupled with the impact of her self-Development Program on empowering women, ignited a passion to dive further into the realm of counselling. Seeing firsthand the transformative power of holding space and guiding women towards well-being and self-discovery was really the catalyst to inspire her to study the Diploma of Counselling.

We asked Shereen if she faced any challenges to complete the course on a personal front. She says “Yes absolutely! I started the Counselling Diploma in Covid Lockdown period but as a small business owner navigating the lockdowns and the return from lockdown in a service-based industry, it was challenging. My business needed my attention, and my Self Development program also needed my attention because this was a time when people needed the connection and community that both offered. Of course, there’s also the daily challenges we all face in working, running the household and being there for our families, not to mention the ‘procrastination monster’ that sometimes shows up!”

With continuous inspiration from Penny her trainer, Shereen propelled forward. “Penny’s support and belief in my abilities really gave me motivation” Shereen says

During her study experience with Health Courses Australia Shereen says that she was really made to feel comfortable and at ease during the performance tasks which initially scared her. Performance Tasks were to test a student’s knowledge and abilities, Shereen says they also enriched her. With Penny’s supportive approach it created an environment for Shereen where she could apply what she knew while also learning from her trainer and growing from the experience. “Penny gave me the confidence to keep pushing through the challenging times.” Says Shereen

With her Counselling Diploma, Shereen one day hopes to establish her own practice. “This dream will be a journey ahead but I am dedicated to developing my skills and gaining experience. I’m currently training with Griefline to offer grief and loss support and volunteer my services. My goal is to provide a safe and nurturing environment where people can start on their journey towards healing and personal growth.” Says Shereen.

We wish Shereen all the very best for all her career goals and aspirations.

Check out the course details for the Diploma of Counselling at this link

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