Role of a Practice Manager in Health Care and Allied Health

Practice Managers are in huge demand in Australia as there is an acute shortage for qualified and skilled practice managers. We have put together some information for you which gives you some information in a nutshell.

What Does a Practice Manager Do?

A practice manager is the key person in a health care, dental or allied health practice. They could be doing a range of jobs in the practice from overseeing reception, administration, business development, accounts and marketing. They also are the point of contact for the medical and allied health professionals in the practice.  

Where can I work?

A qualified practice manager can work in:

Medical (GP) Practices

Specialist Clinics

Dental Practices

Allied Health practice like psychology, physiotherapy, podiatry etc

Natural Health Clinics

Remedial Massage and alternative health clinics

Many qualified and experienced practice managers also start their own business offering their management services for multiple practices. The possibilities are many.

What is the Pay?

Practice managers enjoy lucrative pay packages starting at 60 K for managers who are fresh to the industry to 100 K for experienced and resourceful managers. If they are also doing business development many employers offer incentives and bonuses for bringing in new business.

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