Enter an Industry with Job Demand & Great Pay – Become a Dental Assistant with HCA!

Want to know more about becoming a Dental Assistant? Read on!

What are the roles of a Dental Assistant?

The various roles of Dental Assistants are integral to the success of Dentists and their clinics, as well as the health of the patients. See a list of the main duties that a Dental Assistant will complete each day.

  • Liaise with patients
  • Facilitate administrative tasks and coordinate patient appointments
  • Prepare the dental chair and treatment area for dental procedures
  • Record information as requested by the clinician on patient records during dental examinations
  • Assist clinicians during dental procedures including preparation of dental materials and operation of the evacuation unit
  • Prepare and reprocess dental instruments, including sterilisation and disinfection procedures
  • Develop x-rays
  • Order dental materials and manage dental stock and supplies
  • Assist in the smooth running of the dental facility.

What can I expect to be my base pay?

The average annual income for a Dental Assistant in Australia is reported to be AU$75 070, however depending on where you are employed and what industry this can differ.

To give a better indication, the hourly rate on average is AU$27.15!

How does the course work?

This Nationally Recognised qualification provides students with skills and knowledge required to work as a Dental Assistant, Dental Hygienist or Dental Therapist in a Dentist’s Practice.

You can start the course at any time as it is a self-paced course. Once you Enrol you will be assigned with a course tutor who will be available for you to answer all your queries throughout the course. Most people complete the course in 6-9 months’ time, however you have an entire year to complete it.

This course contains 10 theoretical online units, and a 6 week placement that needs to be completed in a dental facility. While you are doing your placement there will be a dental nurse with you at all times explaining everything and letting you gain some hands on experience.

If you live on the Gold Coast or in Brisbane we can even organise your placement for you!


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