Becoming a Counsellor with Health Courses Australia!

Here’s your crash course explaining what the Diploma in Counselling course is like, how long it takes to complete and what your roles and responsibilities as well as opportunities will be like as a Registered Counsellor!

Where can I work?

It’s estimated more than 20,000 counsellors are employed in a diverse range of jobs across Australia – working with children and teenagers right through to older people.

Counsellors are also employed in a range of settings. They work in community health centres, schools and universities, as well as for not-for-profit organisations, commercial organisations, government departments and in private practice.

What does a Counsellor do?

Counsellors provide confidential support, information and therapy to people struggling with personal difficulties or with mental health problems.
The issues that counsellors can help with are plentiful. Including: parenting, family relationships, stress, anxiety and depression, intimate partner violence, trauma, grief, addiction, abuse, and career concerns.

Counsellors are different to psychotherapists, psychologists and psychiatrists. Counsellors talk and work through issues and emotions while developing strategies to assist people to improve their wellbeing.

The Pay!

The average annual income for a counsellor is reported to be AU$68,882, however depending on where you are employed and what industry this can differ.

To give a better indication, the base hourly rate on average is AU$35.00

Our Course

The Diploma in Counselling is a Nationally Recognised Course covering 17 modules.

These modules are completed via an online portal from your own home, there are performance tasks in each unit, but don’t worry! You can complete your performance task with your tutor via zoom!

You will have full tutor support in this subject, led by multi-qualified professionals in the Industry.

This course is completely self-paced also! You have 3 years to complete the course, however most students studying part time will complete this course in 18 months.

Check out the modules in the course and further information here

Have you completed one of these units before? If you send us an email requesting to put in a Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) application we can assess this and you can receive a discount!

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