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The expertise, service and training provided by Health Courses Australia helped me achieve one of my most important goals, in achieving this diploma of counselling I now have a direction and path to follow into the future. My tutors Penny and Anne were fantastic, knowledgeable, passionate and above all approachable as teachers and mentors, I can’t thank them enough. The course material was delivered in a very easy to access way and the practical assessments were comfortable and enlightening. I would highly recommend Health Academy Australia to anyone looking to begin their career journey.
Just finished my dip of counselling with the best experience This is my fourth diploma and I wish I had studied with them before from the outstanding training on hand support and webinars to admin they are outstanding thank you HCA !!!
In March of this year, I completed the online study certificate III in dental assisting. I like the way the course is made. If you don't pass the unit the first time, you have more options and the next time you only answer the questions that you didn't answer correctly in the previous attempt. I thank Nadia for the fact that throughout my studies she was interested in how I was doing with my studies and whether I needed help. I also thank Nicole and Sheridan for always answering my questions when I wasn't clear about something. I was satisfied with the course. Thank you all.
I was really made to feel comfortable and at ease during the performance tasks which initially I thought were going to be scary. Performance Tasks were to test my knowledge and abilities but they also enriched them. Penny’s supportive approach created an environment where I could apply what I knew while also learning from her and growing from the experience. She gave me the confidence to keep pushing through the challenging times. With my Counselling Diploma, I one day hope to establish my own practice. This dream will be a journey ahead but I am dedicated to developing my skills and gaining experience.
I would 1000% recommend this to anyone who is looking for flexibility, self paced, affordable based qualification. Through my 3 years doing my diploma in counselling through this company I have enjoyed every moment of it and its my money well spent. They have an amazing support system via emails which are quickly gotten back to and the tutors are absolutely amazing. The course work was very simply put and easily completed with all the resources you needed attached. This course has truly opened my eyes up to what I can give the world and has really shaped me to be the person I am today. I wouldn't have been able to do it without the support of my tutors they were all amazing. However my last tutor I had was the one who really opened my eyes up fully and made the course what it was. With constant feedback, guidance and reassurance I completed this course with a smile. It was sad to come to an end but im a greatful for the diploma I now have and greatufl for those I got to learn from and meet within the course. I hope to one day get the opportunity again and I hope others out their experience this delightful course themselves.

I Did a diploma in counselling, found the course and materials easy to navigate. My Tutor Sarah was always there to help me and it didn't matter if my question was big or small. I always had on going support. I would definitely Recommend Health Courses Australia. I enjoyed everything about the course and would like to thank you guys for your support and always encouraging me!!! looking forward to what my future will bring.

Hi my name is simratdeep kaur I am doing certificate 3 in dental assistant from health courses Australia my tutor is nadia she is doing fantastic job she speaks very politely and explained all the problems in a easy way she really motivating me as well thanks nadia again